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FIC: Strange Damn Night-- Sean Patrick Flanery/Norman Reedus - lies...sweet little lies...
the fiction of lise
FIC: Strange Damn Night-- Sean Patrick Flanery/Norman Reedus
Quick note: The next part of Frayed will be up by tomorrow night. They've stopped being twits for me so if allowed by heathen spawn, demented furry little beasties that don't believe they're animals think they're additional children, and the insanity that they create--I should be able to get that wrapped up in fairly short order.

title Strange Damn Night
author: Lise
fandom: actor rps
rating NC17
pairing/characters: Sean Patrick Flanery/Norman Reedus, Sean/female, female/female, mention of Norman/Helena
disclaimer: lies, fiction, untrue. completely and totally made up. I know no one, know nothing of their personal lives. I make no claims of knowing much of anything.
summary: Night before the Boondock's screen test Sean and Norman meet at a club by accident.
warning: now don't look at me funny this does make sense--.established f/f dom/sub relationship, m/f (*gasp* yes het) vanilla sex. m/m snogging and fondling. masturbation.
author notes: smut69 prompt strangers (again claim is not official, but I work better with at least a loose frame and a goal in mind)
for the usual suspect who needed a pick me up last night.
word count: 5075

Norman wondered if he hadn't picked the wrong bar. It was a more than a bit seedy, and the couples and trios or better in the smoke filled haze seemed mostly to be all the same gender, mostly decked out in leather and more than a few on leashes. The music was loud, pounding and rough, and there was beer.

He just wanted to sit and have a fucking beer. He should be able to manage that without too much trouble. Right? Just sit at the bar and keep his head down.

He should be back at the hotel and in bed. He had a screen test in the morning but the argument with Helena on the phone had left him to wound up to even sit still let alone stay in the room which had seemed to close in around him. Somehow sitting quiet and trying to be unnnoticed at the bar was much better than trying to sleep.


Sean was way to wired to sleep. He needed to burn off some energy somehow. This particular club was guaranteed to do that, though he'd have to be careful, showing up to the screen test hung over, bruised and fucked to the point of needing a few days recovery wasn't a good idea even if it might be almost the type of roughness Duffy wanted for his characters showing up to the screen test looking like he'd been in a hell of a scuffle probably wasn't the best of ideas.

But still there was music, and he could play either way, finding a stray for the night might happen and if not there was music and beer. He could dance and have a few drinks at least.

Oh, Jesus, that poor bastard at the bar was really lost. Curious perhaps, but stupid to come on his own to a place like this...there were better clubs for curiosity.

"Uhm..no..no thanks I--"

"Boy!" Sean said sternly, laying his hand on the slim dark haired guy's shoulder. "I leave you alone five minutes and you're already in trouble. Didn't I tell you to just sit still and keep your head down."

The man's head swivelled to Sean, brilliant blue eyes going wide. "I was. I swear I was. Just sitting here drinking my beer"

"He was. My apologies. I thought he was looking for a new Master."

"Alright shh," Sean stroked his cheek. "Alright." Sean looked at the heavily tattooed man "I shouldn't have left him unattended. He's...new to this."

"I envy you. Beautiful and untrained."

"Thanks," Sean nodded and slid onto the seat next to the clueless idiot he just rescued. When the big tattooed guy wandered off Sean ordered, "Head down, look contrite. Jesus. What on earth is someone like you doing here? There's a lot better places to go if you're curious about the Scene. This place is just on the edge of respectable and some don't pay attention to not interested."


"Just wanted a beer." Norman mumbled a bit embarrassed. "Didn't pay attention to the place, just some music and a beer. Lot on m' mind."

His 'savior' groaned. "That was fuckin' brilliant"

Norman snorted ruefully. "I'm beginning to realize that. I--thanks."

"Not a problem. I'm Sean."

"Norman." he offered with a little frown. "Uhm, babysitting me isn't going to cause you trouble."

"No. I'm on m'own. Just too wired. Busy day tomorrow, always get wired about potential new projects. Few beers and some dancing. Anything else was up in the air. Not a problem. Probably better off this way. Can't go in tomorrow looking like I've been put through the wringer." Sean shrugged "Lean in a little bit and act like you want to be with me. Promise no moves on your virtue."

"Mmm...kay." Norman murmured leaning into the man. Sean was about his height, blonde and tanned, lean and gorgeous. "Can feel eyes."

"Yeah, you're not the only one, sweet boy." Sean said and began petting his hair. "You okay?"

"Mm yeah. Uhm.."

"Straight and clueless." Sean laughed.

"Er, yeah."

"Don't worry, you're not getting turned gay by this." Sean said with just a hint of a mocking tone.

"Not worried about that." Norman said honestly enough. Strange but it actually felt kind of nice leaning against the complete stranger who was petting his hair, his shoulder and back. "Weird fucking day."

Sean snorted. "That's what you get when you don't pay attention where you're going."

"Honest, I'm not usually this clueless or stupid. Big fight with m' girlfriend on the phone and...shit. Just a lot on my mind."

"Long way from home huh?"

"Yeah." Norman agreed even if he wasn't sure where the hell home was anymore. He'd been on his own so long. His teenage years spent traveling through Europe and Japan playing tennis and doing odd jobs. He was no stranger to the seedier side of life, knew what to avoid and places not to go. He really wasn't sure where the hell his head was tonight but it definitely wasn't attached that was for sure. If he'd been paying the least bit of attention he sure as hell would have kept walking another block or two and found another bar. If he wasn't being such an idiot he would have turned around and just left. He should have known better than trying to just sit and have a beer. Trouble always seemed to find him when he wasn't paying attention.

"Two Coronas," Sean informed the bartender. "You dance?" Sean asked once the bartender made his way back down the bar.

Norman lifted his head up off Sean's shoulder and dared a glance back at the writhing bodies on the dance floor. "Looks more like serious foreplay than dancing."

"Mmm amounts to the same here. It's okay if you don't want to."

"We'd have to dance like that?"

"Or get a lot of attention." Sean said with a little shrug and guided Norman's head back to his shoulder then stopped and pushed him back to sitting up straight. "Here" Sean undid the thin leather strip wrapped around his wrist "Relax, it'll help keep you left alone," Sean slipped the leather around Norman's neck and fastened it. Smoothing the shaggy dark locks back down and nudging Norman's head once again to his shoulder.

"No offense but this is a bit fucking weird." Norman managed. "I appreciate it but..."

Sean laughed. "It's okay. I'm not offended."

Norman found himself thankful that the fingers slowly threading through his hair didn't stop. Soothing, relaxing, just felt fucking good and ...well it just felt good. No demand in the touch. Nothing uncomfortable. Just soothing.

Norman bit his lip as a woman sat on the barstool next to him and another woman crawled between the bar and stool, ending on her knees with her head laying on her--Mistress? was that the proper word--thigh and studiously ignored by the woman on the barstool talking to another woman whose--pet?--was standing behind her hands clasped behind her back and head down.

He had to admit it was...erotic. "Can I watch the dancing?" he whispered.

Sean chuckled. "You can stand and lean back against me. Okay?"

"Uhm" Norman felt a hot blush rising up his cheeks as the two seated women's eyes turned on him.

"Shh sweet boy, I know this is new to you. You say the word and we can go, alright."

Norman was all to aware of the attention. He was an actor. He could do this. And crazily, he knew he was safe with Sean. He might not know a damn thing more about the man other than his first name but he had developed a good sense of people being on his own at such a young age had honed that. He was safe with Sean. "I--I don't want to--tease" Norman said sincerely. He had the feeling that if he didn't leave now it would end up at the very least seeming that way.

"I know." Sean said. "Only will take what's freely given, sweet boy, nothing more."

Norman shivered. Hearing the sincerity and the promise in those words. "Uhm."

"C'mon stand up." Sean ordered.

Norman obeyed at a loss to do anything else. Sean grabbed both their beers and spun his stool to face the dance floor, legs spread wide. "C'mere, lean back against me and watch, sweet boy."

Both beers were transferred to one hand and Sean reached out for him, maneuvering Norman with little nudges to stand with his back leaning against Sean's chest. "Here's your drink, sweet boy. Just lean back against me and watch. Relax"

Sean's free arm wrapped around Norman's waist and pulled him back flush against him. The bar stool just the right height to line Sean's crotch up with Norman's ass when Sean was scooted forward as he was. Norman couldn't quit contain the squeak as he felt Sean's arousal.

"It's okay. Just relax, you say the word, this is over, done and we can go. No questions asked. No expectations."


Sean wondered what the hell he was doing other than setting himself up for a case of blue balls. Clueless, straight and gorgeous. But at least a little curious and quick enough to realize that sitting by himself and looking like a kicked puppy really wasn't the way to go here. "You're gorgeous and it's been a while but I don't expect a damn thing." Sean assured him. "Just relax,"

Getting wound up over--nothing wasn't going to help the wired feeling he had about the screen test the next morning but there was something to be said for a good long tease, even if he was only teasing himself.


Norman relaxed as much as could, another man's erection pressed up against his ass wasn't something he was used to. He'd never actually worked up the nerve to indulge in that particular curiosity beyond Helena using a toy on him occasionally.

"You okay, sweet boy?"

"Yeah," Norman managed his voice steady. "I'm good." He took a swig of his beer.

"Want to pet you. Can you feel them watching. Will you let me pet you?"

"Yeah," Norman swallowed.

"It's okay, sweet boy, you say the word and we stop, we leave. Nothing more than you can give. I promise."

"I--I know," Norman answered and he did know. The arm around his waist slid back and Sean's hand began moving slowly, little pets and caresses across his belly and chest.

"Just relax, this is far enough if that's all you can give tonight."

Norman swallowed at the slow slightly twanging drawl that was creeping into Sean's voice. "Don't want to tease." He repeated and bit his lip.


Sean's cock jumped at the slight encouragement of those words. At least he'd have something to fuel his fantasies for a good long while.

"Yes or no." Sean said. "Only what you can give, sweet boy, not gonna rush you. Not gonna push. Go as far as you wanna, though, sweet boy. You say the word and we stop."

Sean's hand slid a little more purposefully over Norman's front and moved up toward the top fastened button of the black shirt. "Yes or no" he repeated his hand hovering over the button.


Sean unfastened it then moved to the next which was in truth halfway down Norman's chest, the top few buttons undone to begin with. Each new button undone was with slow movements, deliberate and Norman could feel his intention but made no protest. Shirt completely unfastened to the point where it was tucked in black jeans Sean slid his hand back up and inside the shirt rubbing over the skin of Norman's belly.

Sean smiled and took another swig of his beer at the soft shudder that went through the body in front of him. "Drink your beer, sweet boy, it's getting warm."


Norman was slightly amazed he hadn't dropped the bottle he took a drink forcing himself to concentrate on lifting the bottle to his lips and swallowing without chocking as a short blunt fingernail scraped lightly over his nipple. "Oh god." he groaned out with his next breath.

"Yes or no?"

"Yes." Norman managed. He'd lost his mind. This was insane. This...damn.

"Drink your beer, sweet boy, watch them dance." Sean said in his ear. "Watch them dance" the order was a bit firmer as the domme slid over to the stool Norman had vacated and her pet crawling around to kneel between Sean's stool and her Mistress'.

"Your boy is very hesitant,"

"He's new to this," Sean said by explanation, his petting less arousing and more reassuring now. Norman was sure the difference wasn't visible but he could feel it. The difference in intent behind the touches. He leaned back into Sean just a bit more, feeling strangely vulnerable and not a little silly. He wasn't stupid and bit his tongue at the surge of annoyance at being talked about as if he weren't there or a piece of furniture.

"You're very patient." the domme said her hand drifting down to stroke her girl's face. "My girl has been very good. I've promised her a treat. She's never had a man...Your boy is welcome to watch."

"What exactly are you suggesting?"

"One of the upstairs rooms. Strictly vanilla, gentle."

"Strange place to be looking for that."

"It's been under discussion for a while. You're the first I'd consider. We weren't looking tonight."


"I'm very flattered. Let me have a few moments with my boy." Sean said. He was flattered and the lithe redhead on her knees was appealing even if he preferred more of what he had in his arms, strong hard body.

"You spoil him,"

"Absolutely," Sean agreed. And he would if he was his to spoil. Norman was gorgeous, not in a conventional way but still gorgeous all the same. That dark hair and those expressive blue eyes. The little mole.

"We'll dance for a while."

"I'll nod when I have your answer."

The dark haired woman stood and gave the slightest of tugs on the redhead's leash. The redhead was up and following her mistress onto the dance floor.

"Turn around, Norman,"

The voice in Norman's ear made him shiver. "No is an option. It was a spur of the moment request. Won't be any trouble to refuse and while I'm not opposed, women are few and far between, I don't mind passing it up. And you have a girlfriend. Don't want you to have more guilt than you might for letting me touch you."

"S'not like that exactly. Helena and I are together, have been for years but monogamous isn't quite part of it. Our fight was over her latest bit on the side--he's a complete asshole and nothing but trouble. Work has kept us in different countries for weeks and months at a time before. She's m' best friend and I love her but it's not--monogamous." Christ that sounded horrible laying it out like that. Sean's eyebrow raised for just a second.

"How far do you want to take this? You want to go upstairs with them. You'd have to sit back and just watch and not touch yourself."

Norman blushed.

Sean's hips scooted forward just a bit pressing against Norman. "That thought turning you on?"

"Jesus," Norman groaned, as he felt himself harden even more.

"No need to be embarrassed. You're safe with me." Sean said softly and reach to brush a stray lock of hair behind Norman's ear. "It's up to you. I can always see if they'd want to meet another night and say you stayed home or had to work or something. That you're shy."

Norman swallowed. "This has got to be the strangest fucking night of my life."

"It's hitting the top ten for me too." Sean smiled and trailed his fingers from Norman's hair down the side of his neck to rub over the thin strip of leather there. "I won't be upset if you say no. You don't have to--prove anything to me or owe me or anything stupid like that."

"The thought of you fucking her and watching it is hot," Norman felt compelled to admit. He liked watching. He'd watched Helena and a couple of her lovers before. Watching Helena and the Argentinian woman they'd picked up in Italy had been one of the hottest fucking things he'd ever seen. He had a feeling this might rival that. If not surpass it.

"Would you bring yourself off after and let us watch?"
Sean murmured. "Bet you're fucking gorgeous when you come. More than you are already."

Christ. Norman couldn't remember the last time he'd blushed like this. He'd probably been about twelve.

"Just asking, Norman, we don't have to do anything. You don't have to do anything. Never intended to even lay a hand on you as far as I have."

Norman swallowed. "I've agreed. Hell, I'm enjoying"

"Yes or no?"


"Will you bring yourself off when we're done? Let me watch?"

Norman nodded slowly.

"Can I kiss you?"

"Yeah" Norman breathed. Thrown by the simple request. He didn't think anyone had ever flat out asked him that before.

Sean's lips ghosted across his, slow so soft barely a breath of touch, increasing ever so slowly in pressure as he drew Norman in one hand sliding into Norman's hair and nudging his head just so where he wanted him. The other hand caressed Norman's back moving slowly down ward gentle pressure moving him ever closer. The silk and sharp button's of Sean's shirt pressed against bare skin where his own shirt was still gaping open. Sean's hand slid to his ass as he began licking at Norman's lips. Pressing Norman's hips against his own, Norman groaned and canted his hips forward just a little almost involuntarily as Sean's tongue darted into his mouth tasting, claiming.

Holy shit this man could kiss. Strong and forceful but still careful and putting his whole body into it with little touches and rubs of his body against Norman's. It was Norman who pulled back. "Shit, keep that up and you're gonna make me come."

"Sorry, s'okay." Sean murmured and moved his hand up from Norman's ass to warp around his waist and pull him flush against him. "Just a kiss." his hand moving once again to the stubborn strand of hair that kept falling into Norman's face. "What do you want to do, Norman?"

"Yeah, let's go upstairs, I wanna watch you." Norman whispered, almost shyly. "Don't kiss her though."

"Okay, kisses are all yours tonight." Sean agreed and brushed his lips against Norman's. "Can you watch and not come. Not touch yourself. Can you let me take care of you?"


"Shh. Wont touch you anymore than I have here. No where I haven't here. Just let me take care of you. Let yourself obey me."

The word obey made Norman shiver. Blue eyes locked on blue. "It's okay. You don't have to be afraid. You can tell me no at anytime. Ask me to stop and we'll go at anytime, doesn't matter if I'm in the middle of fucking the redhead. Won't touch you any further than I have. Just your chest, and your back and face and neck."

Norman nodded slowly. "I--I want to try." he managed.


Sean swallowed. Christ but Norman was beautiful. "Promise, take good care of you." he hugged Norman against him. This night had certainly been--unexpected. He didn't know what it was about Norman but the man drew him. He wished he had more than this night to take care of Norman, or be taken care of by Norman.

"Okay" Norman agreed. The word so soft it was inaudible over the thundering pulse of the music and the roaring of the blood in Sean's ears. But it was in his eyes and in the slow nod.

"One more kiss, promise, we'll go no matter when. Just say the word." Sean leaned forward and claimed Norman's mouth again. Taking his time and enjoying the taste of Corona and Norman.

"Need a fuckin' cigarette to calm down."

"Okay," Sean pressed Norman's head against his shoulder Norman reached between them and fished his cigarettes and lighter from his pocket. "Oh fucking hell. You're gorgeous." Sean groaned as Norman slid gracefully to his knees with an anxious questioning look. "Sweet boy" Sean grated out and stroked Norman's face. His cock throbbed at that vulnerable 'is this right' look on the darker haired man's face. "Perfect." Sean reached for the cigarettes and lit one for Norman. "There you go my sweet perfect Norman,"


Norman trembled with the praise. Oh fuck, what the hell? Why the hell was this turning him on so much? He sat back on his heels and smoked his cigarette as Sean nodded for the two women to come back over. He barely listened to Sean setting the rules with the domme, concentrated on his cigarette and not coming in his pants just at the memory of Sean's kiss, let alone the thought of Sean fucking the red head or watching Norman get himself off.

He followed blindly through the club Sean's hold on his belt loop tugging him along behind the sandy haired man was enough to have all his focus that he paid little attention to the various couples and groups in the darker corners. The topless woman on the dance floor writhing between another woman and a man. Up a darkened stairway after the woman paid a bouncer guarding it.

The room was surprisingly clean and bare. The bed had clean sheets, a night stand by it had boxes stocked with latex gloves, dental dams, packets of lube, and condoms. A stack of towels smelling heavily of bleach on a table by the door.

"Right here. Can you kneel or would you rather stand?" Sean murmured to him.

"Kneel," Norman swallowed. Wanting to...he wasn't sure what the hell he wanted but the pleasure in Sean's eyes at his answer made his cock throb happily. Fuck he was going to be hurting tomorrow for the Boondock screen test, but he had the feeling it would be worth it.

"Such a gorgeous good boy," Sean rasped out. "M'so pleased with you."

Norman allowed himself a smile. "Want to please you." he said in all honesty and that scared the hell out of him. This whole evening had taken a turn for the surreal the moment he walked into this damned club unthinkingly but he couldn't quite bring himself to regret it. Helena had always been after him to get his curiosity well and truly satisfied when it came to men but he'd never found a man he'd really want to bother with, put Helena off with he didn't have any friends inclined that way, at least that he was attracted to.

Sean...well so much for his claim of not wanting some seedy quick experience in some back room. But this wasn't exactly that.

The dark haired domme was stripping the redhead and murmuring soft assurances between kisses. Sean's hand was back threading through his hair. "Okay?"

"Yeah." Norman readily agreed, his mouth going dry as Sean started taking off his own clothing. Shoes and socks toed off, a couple buttons of the deep blue silk shirt undone and it was pulled over his head revealing golden skin from time spent in the sun, the lighter streaks in Sean's hair obtained naturally from time outdoors rather than any stylist Norman was willing to bed.

Sean reached and stroked his cheek again, Norman found himself nuzzling into that touch before he even realized his head was moving.

Oh holy shit. Sean's pants and underwear were shoved down in one swoop. Norman didn't even notice the nude redhead now stretched out on the bed with her still dressed mistress kissing and touching her. Norman had eyes only for Sean. The thought Sean was thicker and longer, and just fucking bigger than the little toy Helena occasionally used on him came bursting through the haze of arousal in his brain quickly followed by wondering how that cock would feel up his ass.

"No touching. Have to wait."

"What if I can't" Norman whispered.

"If you absolutely can't, you can't. But it will please me if you do. I want to watch you." Sean said stroking Norman's cheek. "Want to see how beautiful you are."

"Want to please you" Norman mumbled, his cheeks burning even if he was the one fully dressed and Sean was naked, cock bobbing in front of him. He felt raw and vulnerable and totally exposed in a way he couldn't quite grasp, wasn't sure if he liked or not, but he did want to please Sean and that scared the fuck out of him. He'd never been so completely drawn to anyone in his life even without the surreality of this evening.

"I know." Sean murmured and then moved toward the women on the bed.

Norman had never seen anything so erotic in his life. Even if the whole set up seemed as cheap and tacky as it could be some upstairs room above a seedy club and complete strangers. Sean didn't kiss the redhead once, or let his mouth travel below her belly button but he took his time, so much so that Norman thought his fucking balls were going to explode watching Sean's golden hand's move over the redhead's pale freckled skin. Norman had all he could do not to squirm and moan in time with the redhead on the bed as Sean slowly brought her to a frenzy. And when he finally fucked her Norman did groan. The redhead screamed her orgasm into her lover's mouth. Sean's eyes met his and with a final thrust his whole body tensed with his own release.

Norman's fingernails dug into his palms and he bit the inside of his cheek so hard he tasted blood as he watched Sean's orgasm wash over him. Norman had never seen a man so fucking beautiful.

"You okay."

"Yeah," the redhead panted..

"Thank you." the dark haired domme smiled. "I couldn't have asked for better for my girl's first time with a man."

Sean pulled away from her and rid himself of the condom, throwing it in the trash in the corner and grabbed a towel off the table by the door spreading it on the floor in front of Norman before he knelt down.

"So good. So fuckin' proud of you" Sean husked into Norman's ear.

Norman blushed and groaned with the praise and eagerly, greedily accepted the kiss he was rewarded with. Thankful Sean hadn't gone down on her, he didn't want to taste anyone else on Sean. "Undo your pants and touch yourself."

"Here" the dark-haired woman tossed a packet of lube toward's Sean.

"Thanks, Mistress Abigail,"

Norman trembled at the reminder of the women's presence.

"Do you want to go?"

"Need to"

"Do you want Mistress Abigail and Julia to go?"

"No," Norman managed, shocking himself that he was wanting to do this. Scared of the part of himself wanting to put on this show for a man he'd only met a couple hours before.

"Undo your pants and take yourself out."

Norman obeyed. He needed to come so fucking bad it was fast becoming painful, and more than that...he wanted Sean to watch him. He groaned as his hand touched his cock, shoving his jeans and shorts down just enough they were out of the way.

Sean reached for his wrist, careful not to actually touch him and pulled his hand from his cock. The lube was squeezed into his hand. "Can you take your time?"

"Don't know. Please" Norman almost whined.

"So fucking gorgeous, my boy," Sean rasped. "Touch yourself. Let me watch you. See how fucking beautiful you are."

Norman was beyond refusing to obey. He needed to come. Badly. Needed to come for Sean


Sean's breath caught as those amazing blue eyes of Norman's drifted half shut, oh God if he was capable of it he would come again just watching this. He vaguely heard the murmurs from the bed. Abigail and Julia watching. It didn't matter. This show was for him and he knew it. He wondered if he would be lucky enough for Norman's curiosity to allow an actual date.. The murmurs of the women caused a hesitation in the glide of Norman's hand on his cock.

"That's so fucking gorgeous. You're so gorgeous. M'so proud of you. So fucking perfect." Sean said reaching for that stubborn lock of hair yet again. "Come for me. Come for me now, my sweet boy,"

"Oh fuck, Sean!!" Norman cried out as he did just that. "Fuck."

Sean gathered Norman close a moment later kissing his temple and his cheek. "Fucking gorgeous."

Norman trembled against him. "I've never--nothing like this--"

"I know. I know. Love to do this again sometime if you'd be willing."

"Uhm, oh god. Actually. Yeah. Uhm.."

"Master Sean. Sorry to interrupt. I'm going to take my girl home. There's still a little time left on the room. Thank you."

"It was my pleasure, Mistress Abigail."

Norman buried his face into Sean's neck until the women were gone.

"You okay?"

"Yeah." Norman managed.

"Let's get dressed. Get you a cab home. And I'll give you my number. You call the shots. Okay? Nothing further than you ever want...but..."

"I--I'm curious. Don't want to tease or lead you on or..."

Sean knew he was setting himself up for a broken heart. There was something about his man..damn. "I know. I'm offering to indulge your curiosity as far as you want to take it."

Norman nodded.

Sean couldn't help himself as he claimed Norman's mouth for a final kiss that went on for what seemed like forever, a gentle duel of tongues, exploring, caressing. "Get yourself wiped up and your pants fixed up, Norman, we've got to get going. I'll pay for your cab. I need to get home to bed myself. I've got an early day tomorrow."

"Yeah..me too." Norman swallowed.


The bartender was momentarily disturbed for a pen and napkin which Sean wrote his number on for Norman.

Norman gave Sean a quick kiss when the cab he hailed stopped. "I will call," he said as he ducked into the cab.

"I hope so," Sean sighed as he watched the cab pull away. The night hadn't turned out so bad after all.

onward to Proposition

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thank you so much. (I do appreciate the comment even if I've been ages in being able to get to replying)
nornay From: nornay Date: September 17th, 2006 05:30 pm (UTC) (Link)
One of the best things I have read! This is AWESOME!
I would give you more feedback but my brain doesn't seem to work...
lise1973 From: lise1973 Date: May 8th, 2007 09:37 pm (UTC) (Link)
*blushes* at the compliment I'll very happily take impariment of brain functioning :) (*and blushes more at how long it took me to get to replying)
encyclopediae From: encyclopediae Date: January 14th, 2007 09:02 am (UTC) (Link)
i read this awhile back, and just read it again, and have this to say to you.

*flings panties*

*falls over ded*
lise1973 From: lise1973 Date: May 8th, 2007 11:02 pm (UTC) (Link)
*grin* thanks and my apologies for being months late in replying.
gail19 From: gail19 Date: January 10th, 2008 06:34 am (UTC) (Link)


I have tried several times to watch Boondock Saints and I have yet to make it through.

I do like SPF's work in general, and he is sexy as well as asthetically pleasing.

The story / fantasy is wonderfully done. I enjoyed reading it.
lisaroquin From: lisaroquin Date: January 12th, 2008 01:09 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: Wow.

thanks :)

Boondock is one that you're most likely to either love it or hate it. I've yet to see much of anyone "meh" about it.

Though if you have access to the DVD with the cut scenes. Phone call from Ma is worth watching. SPF in nothing but socks and strategically placed icepack

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